End of semester presentation



close-to-midterm presentation


Clik the link to enjoy a thrilling experience of a pdf presentation of our achievments and fails from the beginning of term until now.  Spoiler alert: we decided to make a change! Watch to find more or, as usuall, stay tooned for further information.

Sooo exicted about the results!! And another news: 6th of December there will be a Midterm Presentation,as a 2nd graders, do not have an idea what that meens…buut better be prepared and show our best.




That`s true folks…due to the qualities and quantities of the material we have been using, and also due to an advice from echoechonoisenoise, who is our teacher in this studio, we decided to make a slight turnover and use prefabricated fibres and a connection emulsion, based on the pricipes of a chopper gun. Chopper gun is basicaly mixing glass fibres and resin, which is not extremly healty too, but what if it is able to replace that stuff with something more natural?

Currently, we are experimenting and making mess, but, as always – stay tooned! This may get pretty interesting.

positive vibes


After almost loosing the optimism a desperate experiment leaded to something awesome.

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Styrodur dissolved in toluen instead of melted sugar. This may be the field for following research – stay tooned for more.